Schlocktoberfest 2K16 Day 19: Shin Godzilla (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2016)

Shin Godzilla Official Motion Soundtrack

You can’t keep the King of the Monsters down. Yesterday was intended to be the last day audiences could catch Shin Godzilla in its limited theatrical run stateside however in one week’s time Shin Godzilla managed to rake in around $1.5 million in ticket sales, it’s with this monster success that Funimation and Toho decided to extend Godzilla’s North American vacation for the next  week until October 27th.  There will also be a special matinee screening in over 200 theaters on Saturday October 22nd. If you’ve been bogged down with work and life in general or stressed out with what all the talking heads  are blabbering on and on about with BS politics make the most of this extended opportunity to enjoy a night out before the mighty king descends back into the ocean for his long swim home.  For all the details on theater listings and where you can order tickets make sure to check out – 

Unfortunately for myself the nearest screening is three or four hours out of the way so I’ll have to patiently bide my time as I wait for an official Blu-ray/DVD release date to drop. Until then I plan to do the next best thing which is to spend a little time talking about the official soundtrack for Shin Godzilla which combines some of Arika Ifukube’s most iconic motifs with the modern stylings of Shirō Sagisu who best known for his work on Hideaki Anno’s popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anno was one of the co-directors on Shin Godzilla great collaborators are always difficult to separate). I haven’t really followed the anime culture but have heard rumblings through social media that Sagisu recycled several of his most popular Evangelion themes here and for someone who isn’t familiar with his work man does this guy know how to deliver music that can be completely sporadic when it comes to working the wider range of emotions but isn’t afraid to turn it on and be bombastic when Godzilla decides to lay out some destructive carnage. The two main themes that Shirō did compose for Shin Godzilla – Persecution of the Masses and Who Will Know are big sweeping orchestral numbers with an even amount of brass and choir. Perhaps the best way I could describe them is Mozart’s Requiem for Godzilla and while nothing can beat Ifukube in his prime the one thing I always ask for when it comes to the kaiju genre is having music that is just as enormous as the monster itself. You notice it right away and as you try to pull yourself away from the grotesque amalgamation you slowly began to realize there is  beauty deeply hidden beneath its core.

The Shin Godzilla Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is now available digitally through Amazon & iTunes thanks in part to Milan Records who have recently  hinted that physical copies (Vinyl and CD) might be available sometime in 2017.

Final Grade: A


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