Schlocktoberfest 2K16 Day 13: Horror Show by Greg Kihn (1996)

The best '50s B-Movie you'll ever read.
The best ’50s B-Movie you’ll ever read.

One of my favorite pastimes throughout a majority of 2016 has been reading.  This is a stark contrast to nearly two decades ago when the only time I’d crack a book was when it was absolutely essential in my pursuit of my high school diploma. While the years since have  been a continuous blur I’ve found that in between the hustle and bustle of life I still have a lot of free time to dedicate to passions which both drive me forward and help keep me grounded. The key reason I’ve been reading is the decision to invest in the very affordable Amazon Kindle Fire 7 tablet. Being a gadget lover the fact that I can have the Fire with me on the go whether I’m away from home on a road trip or casually sitting at the laundry mat having something that fits in the palm of my hand that I use to check my e-mail or browse the internet is one of my favorite ways to pass the time these days. When I started exploring the endless amount of ebooks that Amazon had in their digital marketplace is when I decided to take the plunge. Having a wide array of genres to explore both established and up and coming authors to look into and perhaps the greatest advantage of all not worrying about paper cuts when turning a page (if you can get a paper cut from swiping to the next page you’re a more die hard reader than I’ll ever be).

If my addiction to the Amazon Kindle Fire 7 was the primary reason for my total immersion back into the world of books the second thing that kept me reading was a little website by the name of Thanks to an introduction from a family member I signed up for free daily updates sent directly to my inbox. Part of the sign up process allows a user to pick favorite genres so that way you’re always kept in the loop when there’s a sale happening. The daily e-mail will also throw a couple free ebooks your way and while most of these freebies are by independent authors the ones I’ve picked up and read thus far have done a perfect job of keeping my attention. It was through Bookbub where I came across a deal on the debut novel from The Breakup Song (They Don’t Write ‘Em) hit maker Greg Kihn. I’ve known of Kihn through a couple of old VH1 music specials and hearing The Breakup Song on Los Santos Rock Radio when playing Grand Theft Auto V from time to time. It was because of those reasons that I decided to spend $1.99 on Horror Show and unquestionably it was worth every penny. As the story began to unfold it didn’t take long to realize how big of a B-Movie fanatic Kihn was/is. Anyone who grew up watching Plan Nine From Outer Space, The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, Attack of the Giant Leeches or any other drive in cheese from the 1950s will admire how Greg manages to tell a entirely original story in the same campy style without any of it feeling too tongue in cheek. The book starts off with a magazine writer tracking down a reclusive B-Movie director who hasn’t been heard from since finishing work on what many called his seminal masterpiece a zombie horror/thriller appropriately titled Cadaver. The entire production was filmed at the L.A. County morgue and rumors circulated for years that the film crew used actual dead bodies in several scenes. If I talk about Horror Show any further I risk spoiling the rest of the book so if you’re looking for the perfect read this Halloween season here is my instant recommendation. Greg has written three subsequent sequels to Horror Show but in the years since has focused more on the rock ‘n roll side of things. I can only hope that he decides to eventually return to horror considering its the 20th anniversary of Horror Show and I’ve just now discovered his creative genius. In the five months since I’ve yet to delete it off my Kindle and yes I know I could go and re-download it again for free since I purchased it, I think that shows the staying power of a good book you read it, it captivates you like no other and you want to hold on to it forever.

Final Grade: A

***Quick side note Greg Kihn did release an album called Horror Show back in 1996 but as far as I know has nothing to do with the book apart from the title. Speaking of which check out the title song from that album below. It has one of the most haunting melodies I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing…


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