Schlocktoberfest 2K16 Day 2: Stung (2015)

No false advertising here this scene actually happened. Too bad Stung couldn’t deliver on much else.

Synopsis: A fancy garden party turns into upper class prey when a colony of killer wasps mutates into seven foot tall predators.

Well here we find ourselves once again exploring yet another insect related creature feature. I really can’t figure out what my fascination with this particular genre is maybe its because I’ve never really had a fear of bugs in real life. The only time I’ve truly become irritated with any is when I turn the lights off at in night in the summer time and the next thing I know there’s a high pitch buzzing in one of my ears as an unholy bloodsucker tries to get a evening meal in. Then begins a back and forth dance of me getting up and turning the light on grabbing the nearby fly swatter and waiting for the little bastard to enter my line of sight so I can feel some form of euphoria sending it off to meet its maker. Then just as I’m settling down hopeful to finally enter a blissful slumber the high pitched buzzing blasts past my ear again and I quickly realize that if you kill one two more show up for the funeral.

I know it might be a tad bit cliched to say this but there is without question a good movie hidden somewhere deep inside of Stung. Both the production values and the overall sense of style is impressive for a relatively bare bones indie feature. There isn’t much star power happening here aside from Lance Hendriksen and Clifton Collins Jr. so quite honestly when you’re both signing on to go up against giant 7 foot tall wasps it should be in the director’s best interest to give them the grandest stage possible to absolutely tee off on those winged menaces. Lance is several years shy of 80 and as much as I have the utmost respect for the man I don’t see him doing these type of genre flicks that much longer. If he does I hope that its because he is still perusing a passion project and with Stung there’s little to  no passion coming out of him. It’s as if Lance showed up on set with the grumpy curmudgeon demeanor dialed in but as the film agonizingly pressed on didn’t want to be there anymore. The minor highlight was watching Clifton Collins’ performance and not even realizing it was him. I always like those type of roles where an actor can disappear into a character and you couldn’t tell who he or she was until the credits roll. It’s really too bad that there wasn’t something else to really drive the rest of Stung forward as every time the plot changed course you could easily predict where every outcome was going. Its sort of  depressing when you consider the trailer above has Mr. Hendriksen delivering the cleverly delivered zinger  ‘This party needs an autopsy!’ I feel like this movie needs an autopsy since it died less then a half hour in. Oh but hey at least the bug effects were acceptable putting what was done in Skeeter to shame. Although I can’t say what I view worse Stung, Skeeter or a strain of Zika virus… All three are pretty horrible on their own.

Final Grade: D-


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