The calm before the storm…

Hey all,

With less then a week remaining until October its time to drop in and post a quick little update on a few things before the Direct 2 Video Dungeon’s 3rd Annual Schlocktoberfest takes form.

First off remember when The Return of Godzilla was featured in last year’s marathon? I made note of the fact that at the current time it wasn’t officially available in North America and if one wanted to view it you would have to go the bootleg route. Well thanks to the folks over at Kraken Releasing The Return of Godzilla (aka Godzilla 1984) dropped on to store shelves via DVD and Blu-Ray a couple weeks back. I’ve always been a firm supporter of going through the legal means of owning all forms of entertainment so if by chance any of you picked up the bootleg DVD please do the right thing and click on the Amazon link embedded in the artwork below and pick up your own official copy that way Kraken can continue to work hand in hand with Toho to bring some other obscure Godzilla classics to North America.

The Return of Godzilla

While on the topic of new releases classic gamers will be ecstatic to find out that Super Castlevania IV is now available for the Nintendo 3DS. Truthfully I haven’t done any handheld gaming since the days of the original Game Boy however the fact that Nintendo is releasing one of their most iconic hits on the latest version of their extremely popular handheld console proves that a classic vampire slayer will forever remain immortal. Plus do I have to even mention the fact that you can pick this up for a mere $8! All I can say is good luck trying to find a used original cartridge and a working SNES for that much (you simply won’t).

For those of you wanting to know where Schlocktoberfest 2K16 will focus you’ll just have to wait and see what direction I choose to go in. If anyone has any suggestions that they would like featured this year by all means throw them my way via the comments section in this post.

That’s it until Saturday. See you then!