Another Schlocktoberfest in the books…

Well there we go guys and gals October 2015 is now just a memory. Wow! What a crazy adventure.

The key theme of this year’s Schlocktoberfest would have to be deviation. As I stated back in September I had no idea what direction this year’s marathon would go in. In terms of totals there were 28 days where movies were featured 2 days where I decided to shake things up and look at a couple horror based video games (1 classic and 1 contemporary) and I have to say that was a pretty fun change of pace that I might have to consider incorporating on a permanent basis once Schloctoberfest 2K16 gets here.

Looking at the highlights of the past month here are my personal top 10 movie choices worth looking into:

1 – The Dark – This one was a lot of fun. You can’t say that very often about a movie that centers around a monstrous rat that goes around eating recently deceased corpses. Plus not to mention a Neve Campbell in her early 20s. Major eye candy overload!

2 – Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil – The horror comedy genre has become so one dimensional to the point that everyone and their mothers are trying their hand at it. The key to merging the two successfully is not trying to be deliberately funny. The best comedy comes from being yourself and winging it and that’s exactly why Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil breaks down barriers.

3 – Backcountry – All wild life can be unpredictable it’s how we go about conducting ourselves when we cross paths with a deadly animal that will have us either walking away from the situation without a scratch or as we’re running for our lives we’ll be swearing never to set foot in the wilderness again.

4 – Tourist Trap – Definitely one of a kind. Chuck Connors acting up a storm taking creepy to a new level.

5 – Horror Express – Peter Cushing. Christopher Lee. The horror genre’s dynamic duo stealing every scene they’re in. Put anyone else in the lead roles and it would be nowhere as good.

6 – Tremors/Tremors 2: Aftershocks/Tremors 5: Bloodlines – No one will argue with me in saying that the original tops every sequel that has come down the pike but those of you still looking for a fun day in will get their fill on direct to video sequels that managed to make the best of their minuscule budgets. Aftershocks is still plenty inventive and after watching Bloodlines a few times since it hit I’m moving it higher than my initial rating, it fits well right behind the first two.

7 – The Return of Godzilla – Released at a time where the Godzilla franchise had been on a decade long hiatus the king returned to being a unrelenting force of nature. The only downside is he doesn’t face off against another monster however when reminding the world of your dominance there can be no other contender to the throne. Hail to the King, baby!

8 – Joy Ride – Bringing the CB Radio fad into the 21st century you get thrilling action, tension, and a mentally disturbed trucker who takes road rage beyond whipping the bird.

9 – Horror Rises From The Tomb – Never have a seance, never communicate with the severed head of a warlock, never discover the resting place of his severed head, and never allow his head to reconnect to his body. Doing such things will not get you a first class ticket to nowhere it will just leave you and all the friends that accompanied you lying in gutter possessed out of your gourd or dead.

10 – Trick ‘R Treat – A lot can happen during a single Halloween night and while you might think that its a night where you can dress up and pretend to be something else don’t even think about doing anything mischievous believe me getting a stomach ache from all the candy you over indulged on will be the least of your worries.

To wrap things up thanks to everyone who clicked on over to the Direct 2 Video Dungeon to celebrate Schlocktoberfest. May you all have a wonderful time celebrating tonight. Have fun and stay safe! Oh and on a closing note tonight on Starz is the series premiere of Ash vs. Evil Dead starring the legendary Bruce Campbell. Check out the preview below it looks to adhere to the standards that made the original Evil Dead trilogy more fun than a barrel full of Deadites. I’m counting down the hours in eager anticipation.. Until the next time around (whenever that may be) keep on keepin’ on!



2 thoughts on “Another Schlocktoberfest in the books…”

  1. Its definitely a new years resolution that I plan on adhering to. Winter is one the least busiest times of the year for me. Just need to motivate myself to do less procrastinating and more blog updates.

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