Schlocktoberfest 2K15 Day 18: The Walking Dead Video Game (2012)

Life gets hard you wear a helmet. Then a Zombie Apocalypse happens and you adapt to survive.
Life gets hard you wear a helmet. Then the dead start to rise and you adapt to survive.

Synopsis: A college professor who was convicted of murder is about to serve a life sentence when a zombie apocalypse rears its ugly head.

Living in a modern culture television shows have reached a point where they’re emotionally charged can’t miss events. Thanks to smartphones and social media we are constantly texting or tweeting friends, family, and loved ones to gauge their on the spot reactions on how a story line or unexpected twist factors into where the rest of a season or if its a big enough impact shifts the momentum of the series in a way that’s going to have heavy handed consequences. Shows like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead have given rise to binge watching where you set aside weekends or take vacation time hop on Netflix put your feet up and make your way through an entire season in a single sitting. Raw impassioned human drama is what draws us into a state where we relate to the characters that have similar personality traits and make us detest those certain characters who clash with other’s beliefs because they are too headstrong and have their own opinion on how the world they live in should be. Every so often when a television show transcends from being a cultural phenomena and the creators will seek out new means to give audiences an even more hands on approach in dealing with that drama. While crossing into the expanded universes created in novels, graphic novels, or comic books its the advancements in video games that really allow people to get caught up in personal situations as they alone now have to logically think they’re way through.

A week or so back I made an off the cuff remark in a Schlocktoberfest post referring how a particular horror film would make one heck of a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’. Little did I know that statement would come back to bite me on the proverbial rear end as when waiting to play video games with a friend on X-Box Live yesterday I decided to check out the Games With Gold section that all members of the live community can (for a limited period of time) download select titles absolutely free. For the second half of October Games With Gold is celebrating Halloween by giving away the first season of The Walking Dead game. The single episodic stages of the game range from a little over 400 to 700 megabytes in size and play out like an extended version of the show itself. Coming from a gaming background where a majority of hours were devoted to first and third person action oriented shooting games The Walking Dead took around five to ten minutes before getting fully acclimated with the overall feel. Telltale Games rely on impressive animation and well delivered voice acting to flesh out the constantly evolving story. You’re given various options to act on and the decisions you make will effect what direction the story arcs in. You can be a compassionate do anything for anyone type or you can be a cold-hearted assh*le who is only about himself and looked down upon by the group of survivors you’re shacked up with.

The only thing that I’m looking forward to as the leaves continue to fall off the trees and the transition to winter begins is having more time to dedicate to gaming. This past July, August, and September kept me so busy that I rarely had time to do anything aside from eating and sleeping so taking advantage of downloading a free game from X-Box was worth the $45 I spent on my 1 year Gold Membership. The Walking Dead is pretty damn addicting as I stayed up until around 1:30 this morning playing. Two episodes in and I’d give this a rating somewhere between an A- and a B+. There are some morbidly entertaining moments that if you haven’t paid much attention to the television show, like me, will most likely have you looking to set aside time to do some binge watching (the game is a side story of the show with a couple cameos of popular characters but your story involves a group of people created solely for this game). If you have X-Box 360 and are taking advantage of Games With Gold you have until late Halloween evening to pick this up. Take my advice and do so, its definitely a worthwhile gaming experience.


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