Schlocktoberfest 2K15 Day 7: Chemical Peel (2014)

After watching Chemical Peel I'll probably need one of those gas masks not to protect myself from hazardous chemicals rather its to hide myself from how embarrassing this was.
After watching Chemical Peel I’ll probably need one of those gas masks not to protect myself from hazardous chemicals rather its to hide my face from how embarrassing this was.

Synopsis: A bachelorette party turns deadly when a chemical reaction overtakes a valley, but being indoors could be just as deadly as being outside.

There’s a point early on in Chemical Peel where a person yells in rather blunt fashion ‘What the f*ck is going on?’ and this is probably the most honest line delivery in the whole film because it wasn’t long after that where I too was asking the very same question. The set up to this wouldn’t be that bad if all of the main characters weren’t portrayed as bitchy whine bags who constantly argue yell and complain about each other’s annoying personality tics. One character that viewers could rally behind and relate to would make all the difference yet personally I’d rather try and find a single piece of hay in a stack of needles. Instead its suffering through a group of friends who are letting loose by drinking vodka and bumbling around sh*t faced until they wake up the next morning to a mysterious fog that smells like bleach (and no its not a result of their hang overs). Then it feels like an eternity until sensibility finally takes hold and the group decides to turn on the television to see what the local news has to say. Not even the big reveal of a train derailment happening and the fumes are from some toxic chemicals drifting through the air killing all manner of life does Chemical Feel make you want to care what happens next.

With 95 minutes a film maker has a lot of opportunity to make something happen whether its the all too common plot twist or building a tension filled stand off. I knew going into this I’d be flipping the proverbial coin hoping luck would land on my side yet as the minutes excruciatingly ticked along Chemical Peel was inching into that territory where you’re waiting with eager anticipation for everyone to bite it. If there’s any reason to give this one a watch its for the grisly effects the chemicals have on its victims (in fact watching the most conceited of the uptight whine bags get hers is almost worth fast forwarding to the last 15 minutes). I can’t really think of anything to help end this Schlocktoberfest entry with other than don’t treat your friends like dirt because you never know when a chemical spill might ruin your day. Just don’t be watching Chemical Peel when that happens or else you’ll want to run outside and let your face burn off (and believe me that would feel so much more exhilarating).

Final Grade: D-


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