Schlocktoberfest 2K15 Day 6: Tremors 5 – Bloodlines (2015)

Hate to say it but you're a long ways from Nevada Burt and I don't think you'd look good wearing a pair of Ruby Red slippers either.
Hate to say it but you’re a long ways from Nevada Burt and I don’t think you’d look good wearing a pair of Ruby Red slippers either.

Synopsis: The giant, man-eating Graboids are back and even deadlier than before, terrorizing the inhabitants of a South African wildlife reserve as they attack from below-and above.

To quote Darth Vader ‘This is a day that will be long remembered’ as nearly a decade’s worth of waiting has finally come to a close for Tremors fans with the latest wild & crazy Graboid adventure now on store shelves. Usually when a film series goes beyond a standard trilogy that’s when the corporate side of Hollywood begins to rear its ugly head. Obviously the life support system keeping these unique action/sci-fi/horror/B-movie hybrids alive had been kicked off two decades ago so if you’ve stuck around this long the realization has sunk in that Tremors, at its very core, is some quality escapism. In the modern blockbuster era where Michael Bay kills off his audience’s brain cells through bad potty humor and mind numbing explosions I’ll gladly shell out $19.95 to watch the legendary Burt Gummer continue his vigilant one man war against every form of Graboid that rumbles through a desert wasteland. Whenever there is a hiatus this long between sequels it’s not bizarre to feel a moment of uneasiness once you load the disc into your Blu-ray player but then you notice the all too familiar classic Tremors title card and realize that Bloodlines is going to try its damndest to entertain fans before dragging them down under the sand.

Honestly I never expected there to be a Tremors 5 after hearing about the idea of taking the franchise down under to Australia being scrapped in the mid-2000s. Then late last year word began to trickle down that a new film had gone from being in development to in production with a still photo popping up online of Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy running through a herd of cows and immediately my interest peaked. So now here I sit after my first viewing of Tremors 5 – Bloodlines and overall it was about what I expected. At times this has a lot of the spirit of Aftershocks, Back To Perfection, and The Legend Begins however the pacing is one of the most glaring issues I had as a lot of the scenes felt they were filmed then hastily cut together into the finished product. If not for Michael Gross’s involvement Bloodlines would’ve of been an utter failure his love of all things Tremors has to be respected since he slips into this character like a comfortable pair of shoes. Had Bloodlines never saw the light of day I’m pretty sure Burt would be doing exactly what he is doing when the camera first locks on to him – hosting his own survivalist television show and hocking products to help survive any threat Graboid or otherwise (lowly Rattlesnakes are a mere boot jam for a man who’s lived on the edge some 25 years now). If you’re a fan you should pick up a copy as I’d put this on the same level as Back To Perfection or possibly a tad bit higher (given a couple more viewings). Look at it this way at least this isn’t as big of a fowl up as Terminator Genisys (some things are better left alone) in the case of Tremors though I’ll never get enough and welcome yet another worm busting good time.

Final Grade: B 


2 thoughts on “Schlocktoberfest 2K15 Day 6: Tremors 5 – Bloodlines (2015)”

  1. Yes indeed it does. 11 years in development hell but fortunately you can’t keep a good Burt Gummer down. No Gummer = No deal!

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