Schlocktoberfest 2K15 Day 4: Tremors 3 – Back To Perfection (2001)

The Burt Gummer philosophy to life - Overkill is Underrated!
The Burt Gummer philosophy to life – Overkill is Underrated!

Synopsis: Those morphing, man-eating monsters are shaking things up again in the dusty little town of Perfection, Nevada – and survivalist Burt Gummer is the only solution to the latest in evolution!

After two progressively solid entries in the Tremors film series it was decided to take advantage of the old adage – bad things come in threes introducing the next creature life cycle into the fold and if we’ve learned anything the last couple go arounds that’s definitely not a good thing for Michael Gross’s gun loving Burt Gummer. Following the events of Aftershocks Burt has decided to put his skills on the market going where ever a Graboid threat pops up and eliminating said problem through a hail of bullets and high end explosives. Upon a successful trek in Argentina Burt returns home to Perfection, Nevada to enjoy some down time and catch up with a few of the familiar faces from the first movie. I’ve often wondered why anyone who survived the first Graboid incursion would stick around a small desert town when there’s nothing to do for excitement except watch the tumbleweeds blow around but hey I sort of understand if you’ve lived there all your life nothing is going to threaten your way of life. One of the main highlights I enjoyed with Back To Perfection is seeing how the town has become a tourist trap where anyone passing through is forced to take notice of all things Graboid and Shreiker related whether is a rack full of comic books in Chang’s General Store or wasting their money on a sham the likes of Desert Jack’s Graboid tour.

Unfortunately this is where novelty begins to wear itself thin as even though a couple hapless humans get eaten for the sake of advancing the story forward there is relatively no time for viewers to get properly acquainted with the half vulture half Graboid/Shrieker menace generically named Ass-blasters (because said life form can light its own farts on fire and glide through the air). The first two films had characters that were scientists and while perplexed about this new species of animal offered a reassuring voice of reason in terms of how to try and out smart them. Instead the demeanor of the film series shifts yet again and while there are a couple impressive action sequences where Back To Perfection truly stumbles is through forced one liners and a couple tacked on Gross (no pun intended) out gags. Oh and also there’s a subplot about a real estate company trying to buy up property from the residents of Perfection that wasn’t needed whatsoever. Aside from those minor observations I wouldn’t call Tremors 3 a missed opportunity it just tends to go into ‘We’ve already seen this’ territory when it should have done something fresh and completely unexpected.

Final Grade: B-


2 thoughts on “Schlocktoberfest 2K15 Day 4: Tremors 3 – Back To Perfection (2001)”

    1. Yeah part 3 is where they began experimenting with CGI. It wasn’t too bad in some places but started to get laughable as the film went on. Tremors 5 they went all CG but for direct to video fare nowadays I found it rather impressive.

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