Schlocktoberfest 2K15 Day 3: Tremors 2 – Aftershocks (1996)

There'll be no riding off in the sunset once Graboids become Shriekers. Maybe its time for Earl & Burt to invest in a Tank.
There’ll be no riding off in the sunset once Graboids become Shriekers. Hey Earl & Burt maybe its time to invest in a Tank.

Synopsis: Our underground monster-killing heroes from the original Tremors have split up. Soured that everyone else profited from Graboids-mania, Fred Ward “re-enlists” to battle a new breed of Mexican Graboids.

The best way for any sequel to stand out from its predecessor is natural evolution through key components including story, characters, plot development and in the case of the creature feature genre having the old dog adapt learning new tricks along the way. Tremors 2 – Aftershocks took the novel idea of giant underground carnivorous worms and sort of went the Jurassic Park route by having the next part of the Graboid life cycle be a bipedal pack hunter that in a fun twist hunts in the infrared spectrum. This actually turns out to be Aftershock’s saving grace as if it was just 90 minutes of Fred Ward and Michael Gross blowing the ever loving hell out of these subterranean lifeforms viewers would accuse the film makers at attempting a piss poor copy and paste job of the original. Once the creatures evolve so does Aftershocks where the rest of the film takes a think on the fly type of attitude with the horror/thriller elements being traded out for a much more action-centric piece of popcorn entertainment.

Every so often you get one of those rare anomalies that makes you proud to be a B-movie fan and yes I’ll sound like a broken record here in saying that Aftershocks doesn’t have the same exact wit and charm as the original Tremors however give it a few watches and then tell me that it’s not a enjoyable complimentary follow up. This might be nostalgia clouding my overall opinion but in the last two decades I’ve yet to find another direct to video feature that draws you in perfectly and doesn’t let go until the last heart-stopping explosion. If you’re just beginning your journey through Graboid country you could enjoy both Tremors 1 & 2 tremendously and wouldn’t really have to go any further but like a box of Oreos once you get a craving its difficult cutting yourself off.

Final Grade: A-


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