Schlocktoberfest 2K15 Day 1: Double Exposure (1983)

Points for artistic merit with this movie poster however a camera isn't as threatening as a pick axe or machete... Or is it???
Points for artistic merit with this movie poster however a camera isn’t as threatening as a pick ax and machete… Or is it???

Synopsis: A photographer sees his nightmares realized in the daily news of a killer at large.

The formula for 1980s horror reminds me a lot of what the music industry did to over commercialized the hair/glam metal scene where you’d follow a set pattern in order to gain monster success. Everything is well and good up until a certain point where your target audience begins to tire of the third rate bloated cash cow doing the same old song and dance. Even though Double Exposure is undoubtedly a product of that era of excess the film bravely attempts to mesh slasher horror tropes with a murder/mystery of the week whodunit and for the most part succeeds (think of it as an alternative punk band making waves way before Nirvana and the grunge explosion). While the run time here isn’t that bad (94 minutes) in my opinion there was a little too much exposition and not enough pay off and that’s mainly in part because Double Exposure is treated more like a thriller/crime drama instead of a full on horror gore fest. Nevertheless if you’re looking for some inventive kills (one involving a rattlesnake and a trash bag) and a steady amount of T&A you’ll probably won’t be disappointed in that category.

As Schlocktoberfest 2K15 kicks off Double Exposure is for those who have an acquired taste some might find it dull, bland and excruciating to sit through however it does actually try to spin the viewer in multiple directions to keep you guessing. I say throw on a trench coat and do your best Columbo impression as you try to figure out whether the photographer is actually a homicidal lunatic or if its all in his head.

Final Grade: B- 

Interesting in checking out Double Exposure I found my copy on Amazon via Mill Creek Entertainment’s Pure Terror 50 Movie Pack for under $10 via Amazon Wholesalers.

Oh and as a quick little side note when I was looking up the trailer for this on YouTube I was quite surprised to find that it features scenes with topless women. The 1980s truly was a decade that didn’t give a flying F-bomb who it offended (boy oh boy how I wish I had a time machine to go back and re-witness it as a full grown adult).


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