Schlocktoberfest 2K15 is right around the corner…

Okay first off I just want to go on record in saying that my track record for keeping this blog updated on a somewhat consistent basis downright sucks. In the course of the last nine months I was hoping to post reviews at my own leisure but it turns out once spring & summer kicked in my life found little to no time to dedicate to leisure.

With summer winding down and the infant stages of fall 2015 beginning to take effect its one of my favorite times of the year and that’s to bring everyone who still enjoys reading the Direct 2 Video Dungeon along on my journey through the 31 days of October by watching one horror movie a day. Quite honestly I was hoping to have some sort of list figured out in what general direction I wanted to go in but 2015 will be another year where I just wing it. All in all I promise everyone there will be plenty of variety blended with an equal amount of godawful schlock.

See you all Thursday!