Darren Shahlavi: 1972 – 2015

Darren Shahlavi

One thing a person can never take for granted is how fragile life can be. Tonight I recieved a text informing me that acclaimed martial artist and actor Darren Shahlavi had died of an apparent drug overdose (TMZ).  We’ve lost a tremendous amount of greats in the past year but the news of Darren’s passing was like a sucker punch to the gut where I was left hopelessly trying to catch my breath. A bonafide action star on the small screen Shahlavi had the right amount of raw talent to make him a mainstream household name and whenever his face was in front of the camera he exuded a professionalism rarely found in the cesspool of CGI explosions.

If you haven’t seen any of Darren’s work I highly recommend picking up the Dolph Lundgren/Stone Cold Steve Austin D2V actioner The Package. Even with those two being the main stars its Darren who ends up stealing the entire movie playing a side antagonist that viewers love to hate.

This wasn’t exactly the update I was hoping to do this week and plans are still in place to debut a new format of reviewing for the Direct 2 Video Dungeon before January comes to a close. I’ll definitely be covering some of Darren Shahlavi’s finest work as a tribute to the man. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, friends, co-stars, and peers who looked upon him with the greatest respect and admiration. I too share that respect and am praying that Darren is at peace kicking ass in the great beyond. R.I.P.


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